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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Worse working experience ever -'-

- Edited -

Aw, very sadly I'd to make some changes to my blog post to make it less interesting because some too free nothing to do woofy went to report me to the police that I'm smearing his and his company's reputation. LOL. I guess he sees me as a threat too much that he stalks me all the way till my blog, aw :( Readers who have read the original post, please keep what I'd blogged in mind and beware of what you should be cautious of. For those that have missed it out and are interested to know about anything, you guys are welcome to talk to me in private regarding it :) Seriously stop acting like a gay shit please, a small matter like this and you wanna make sucha big fuss over it? Lame fuck.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog post is not to defame anybody, but to have freedom of speech to voice out about my personal experience and opinions. No stories have been made up or twisted, and no names have been mentioned throughout.


Hi readers, apologies if this post is gonna end up with full of insults and vulgarities because anger has seriously been coursing through my veins for this whole damn night. According to my post's title, I'll be blogging about this fucked up worse working experience ever in the whole of my 18 years of lifetime. Before I start, let me question all of you, why do we work/why is there a need for us to work? I supposed the answer pops up in your mind immediately after reading the question, because of money. AND THIS FUCKING BOSS/COMPANY I'D WORKED FOR REFUSED TO PAY ME FOR THE WORK I'D DONE FOR THEM. Reason being? According to him, 'suck work' delivered from me. In fact, he's unhappy with me and is finding excuses to not pay me. I've always believed in fair and equal treatments against employees regardless of how much mistakes the employees might have done, this is seriously too much. And no, I wasn't sacked. I chose to leave myself. It all started with terrible attitude given by the fucking boss. Ya I know, to sound logical employees are bound to put up with bosses no matter how bad the bosses are treating us. But to phrase it in a bad way, they are just bosses and not kings hello? Why do we have to tolerate all these shits like as if we're slaves of theirs when it's their own attitude that is the problem? This fucked up boss goes around fucking people upside down whenever he's in a bad mood without pointing out the exact reason(s). Boss so? As much as how xialan guailan laolan my previous bosses are, none of them have crossed the line of not paying me after work has been done. Besides that, the job scope of this position is so much more than what he had made it clear to me previously during the interview. I applied for an admin position, yet I ended up having to take care of the sales and customer service side as well? This is very unfair. And when I spoke to him about it nicely, he came up with tons of excuses trying to cover up his irresponsible act and also replied in a very rude and anal manner.

Below are screenshots of the text convo between him and I regarding what has happened, click on the images to have a clearer view of them.

This is how I'd started the conversation with him, explaining to him my difficulties regarding the job scope. And as you can see, I've already spoken in a nice and polite manner.

And this is how he fucking replied me, with fucked up attitude and at the same time pushing blames to me instead.

"Ur attendance is already the worst issue."
"But absent without proper informing is very very bad working attitude."
- I say screw you dude. I was only on MC for 2 fucking days, not 20 days. Absent without proper informing? I'd always made sure that there'd be someone else taking over my duties before absenting myself, and each and every time I'd let you know beforehand. You call that the 'worst issue'? 'Very very bad working attitude'? Screw you, seriously.

"How to tell u every job scope during a 10 mins interview with ur bf along???!!"
- Eh don't cock with me la seriously, you're obviously finding excuses to cover yourself up for this. YOU were the one who fucking told me to bring my boyfriend along into the interview room when we didn't even thought of doing so. And so what if my boyfriend was around? I don't see any link between his presence and you telling me the necessary stuffs I needa know -.- Cut your craps and excuses dude.

"No one complain abt other things u learn because we know u r new."
- DUH, there's nothing for them to complain about because I've been doing well all along -.-

I could have argued with him regarding his previous bullshit reply but still I chose to reply him in a polite way.

"Pay wise I will see how for suck work delivered."
- See how? SEE HOW?! Eh c'mon la don't treat me as a 3-year-old please, you'd have gone MIA and not pay me a single cent after I've returned you the office keys. I was very unhappy about this including him claiming that I've delivered 'suck work'. Therefore I argued back, but still I refrained myself from being rude.

Wow wow WOW, threatening with stern tone siolzxc I'm so scared. Go ahead and report as much as you want, you missed out the idea that I could report you for intimidating me as well :)

"Now u dun get a single cents"
- Proof of him not wanting to pay me a single cent, and I think he failed his English.

"if anything lost I will just report police"
- Assuming that I'd be so free to go rob your office? LOL, I'd rather spend my time sleeping at home dude.

"From the beginning till now, I never say I dun wan to pay u."
- Like I've said, don't treat me like a 3-year-old idiot.

"Also ur pay is based on temp pay monthly. How come change to $8/hr? U decide how much n when to pay or me??!!"
- You think I'm stupid or are you stupid? You wanna pay me $1.3k when I didn't even work for up till a month? I don't mind ^^

"by absent in wrk as u wished as has created lot of problems on our side. For eg Cust come to shop and no one is there. And calls no picked up."
- OH REALLY?! But as of what I know, you guys were the one who have created all these problems for fuck sake. Who was the one who helped to hold customers when you guys were late to meet them? Who was the one who helped to call customers up to put in good words so as to hold them when you guys were the one who were causing problems that have almost driven them away? Who was the one who always took up all the scoldings from customers for nothing just because of you guys? Touch your fucking conscience before you start pushing blames. Oh wait, perhaps yours have already been consumed by a dog huh?

"Well. I shouldnt say any further. Tats all. I give u till 10am."

No more reply after that.

As you guys can see, I'd already tolerated and given in throughout the whole conversation. As for him? I believe everyone of you has eyes to judge.

Now I finally understood why didn't anyone want to work for him for the past 2 years except for his friends/relatives/whoever people he knows. If he continues to persist to not pay me a single cent for what I'm deserved to get, I wouldn't hesitate further to report him and his company to MOM. You wanna make things difficult for me, I wouldn't make things any easier for you too. What goes around comes around dude, karma would slap you in your face and stab you on your back on my behalf someday. And no, idgaf about ruining his or his company's reputation or whatsoever. As the Chinese saying goes: "人不犯我,我不犯人;人若犯我,礼让三分;人再犯我,斩草除根。" :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My views on young marriage and being a young parent

Hi everyone, as you can see from today's post title, yes I'll be blogging about this random topic that I've always wanted to blog on. Certain people may think that it's a very outrageous matter to get married at a young age (age 18 to 21) or be a young parent. But to me, I actually find it very cool to be a young and pretty wife/mommy. It is very important for a lady to maintain her looks, figure and everything especially after getting married and giving birth, unless you don't mind being antipathized by your husband -.- So yea, young mommies and wives would definitely still make an effort to look good, doll themselves up and keep themselves young. While compared to those that get married or give birth at an older age? Most of them would have already gotten too lazy to bother about all these 'redundant' stuffs. Being a young parent might also avoid communication problems with your child due to the short age gap. My 9-year-old sister once told me she wished to have a young and pretty mommy who's around my age.. Well you see, words of a 20th century kid prove it all.

However, there're definitely pros and cons in these two issues. Marriage and having kids would either strengthen a couple's relationship, or ruin it. It all depends on how strong your love is and how you maintain the relationship, as there'd definitely be new obstacles for you and your love to conquer hand in hand. Guys would grow and change in 3 stages of their life. Firstly when he starts to serve the nation, secondly when he becomes a rightful husband, and lastly when he becomes a responsible father. I've always wondered how much would my dearest boy grow and change if I ever have the chance to go through these 3 crucial stages of his life with him.. I know it's silly and naive to make plans for the future now, but yea, if we could really make it through all I'd really wish for my last name to be changed by him as young as possible :')

Went to some baby maker morphing website to try out on how would our future baby look like...

This is when he/she is a baby. I couldn't determine the gender so I presumed to be a she, since I prefer having a daughter to a son :P

And this is when he/she grows up. Boyf said that the daughter looks like me, but I think the son cuter leh :(

Hahaha anyways it was just for fun! Just a lil update on my life.. Boyf and I have been fine already, in fact way better than before. Thanks a million to those who have showed concern, I truly hope this lasts :) As for me myself, I've been all busy and tired with work. Nope not at the one I've mentioned previously, am working in a printing company named JAPrintz/Elepha Print Studio now. Have been communicating with Malaysian colleagues almost every single day, I hope I won't end up speaking their tone anytime soon -_-

Shall end this post with my big fat face and my new xmm haircut...

Almost everyone said that I look better with this haircut, but I think I look like a kid lor z.z What do you think?

Friday, August 12, 2011


"We are turning into dust, playing house in the ruins of us. Running back through the fire when there's nothing left to say, it's like chasing the very last train when it's too late. It's tearing me up, I tried to hold on but it hurts so much, I tried to forgive but it's not enough, to make it all okay.."

What can I do? Watching everything going downhill yet there's nothing I could do to make it right. It takes two hands to clap, just me myself isn't strong enough to fight it through. I tried to talk things out but things always turned out ugly at the end instead. I thought that you've understood me inside out throughout these 5 months but now I guess I was wrong, you've never known me at all. It hurts so much when you said that pretty often I care for myself, ONLY. People that have been with me through this all should know how much I prioritize you in my life, many times even before myself. But in your eyes, I can't believe that you're seeing and feeling otherwise.. It's okay, it's alright, someday you will realize everything. When will that 'someday' comes? I don't know. I've done my part, now all that's left to do is just to hope. Hope that things would change for the better soon, hope that happiness would come knocking at our door soon like how it used to.. Sometimes my mind gets so sick and tired that it pleads my heart to stop trying and give it all up, but it seems like it's never possible for my heart to let itself down and give up on someone it truly loves..

Baby boy I just want you to know that even though things might have changed, my love for you will never change. If our love is strong nothing will go wrong, are we strong enough to conquer all? Happy 5th monthsary in advance my dear, I hope we'll make it through. I love you, always do, always will..

I may be overwhelmed with sadness everyday, I may be soaking my pillow with tears everyday, but as much as everything hurts and kills me inside I will never fall. For you, for us, for myself, I will stay strong and keep going on. Time passes people change shits happen but life still has to go on..